White Armature Inc.

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Quality Armature Repair

Located in Earl, WI (Springbrook Township) we have been specializing in armature rewinding since 1958. Either big, small, usual, or uncommon, we have the experience to rewind many different styles of products ranging from armatures to field coils. The links above and below will allow you to navigate around the website and explore the services we provide, figure out how to request an estimate, view samples of rewound products, learn about White Armature Inc., and how to contact us.

Services We Offer

We rewind many different shapes and sizes of armatures, field coils, and many unique applications.


Request an Estimate

Provide us with specific information regarding your product(s) to help us create an estimate for you.


Image Gallery

View samples of some of the recently repaired armatures and field coils in our image gallery.